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Junior's League

By: Looney Tunes Studio Art


MEDIUM:  Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel
SIZE: 25.5" x 13"
SIGNED: Ken Griffey Jr.
SKU: WB1070

ABOUT THE IMAGE: It’s the big game! This hand painted animation cel captures one of the Looniest moments that America’s Pastime has ever seen! Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest superstars ever to play the game connects on a pitch from the Tasmanian Devil, sending catcher Elmer Fudd on a solid “wine dwive” to center field. Daffy Duck kneels in the “on deck” circle, poised to follow Griffey in the betting line up. Officiating the game, umpire Bugs Bunny signals that he’s “outta there!” (obviously referring to the Flying Elmer…).

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: This cel began with a layout drawing by Iwao Takamoto and a tight pencil drawing by Dan Haskett. A master inking of these character drawings was then silkscreened, along with the Warner Bros. Animation Art seal, onto an acetate sheet (or “cel”). Each cel was then meticulously hand-painted on the reverse side. Through the miracle of modern technology, Andy Phillipson’s rendering of a Bob Singer background layout was digitally composed with an approved photo of Ken Griffey Jr., and was reproduced using the lithography process. Each cel was signed by Ken Griffey Jr. In the final step of production, the limited edition number was hand inked on each cel in an edition size of 350. Upon completion of the edition, the master inking and original background were archived.