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By: Looney Tunes Studio Art


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Virgil Ross

MEDIUM:  Limited Edition Cel
SIZE: 13.33" x 25"
ARTIST: Virgil Ross
SIGNED: Virgil Ross
SKU: VR1705

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Featuring the in Yosemite in a famous gag, Mine Shaft was drawn by famed Looney Tunes artist, Virgil Ross, who worked closely with the Friz Freleng.  Friz created Sam, the diminutive, but ornery character was created as a more worthy adversary to Bugs Bunny than Elmer Fudd.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: Mine Shaft Shuffle is a hand drawn, inked and painted pan cel with a lithograph printed background. A pan cel shows animated action much as it would appear on screen.  Each piece in the edition has been signed by golden age animator extraordinaire, Virgil Ross.

 ABOUT THE ARTIST: Virgil Ross was an American artist, cartoonist, and animator best known for his work on the Warner Brothers animated shorts.  Ross spent about 30 years at Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, first under Tex Avery's supervision, and then, after Avery left in 1941, Bob Clampett.  After a brief stint there he moved on to Freleng Animation where he spent many years working on what he was most known for...Bugs Bunny.